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Coltart, David; Bulawayo South Candidate 2000

Inter-parliamentary Union In May 2000 when Mr. Coltart attempted to register his candidacy for the MDC party, the Registrar General attempted to bar his nomination claiming he was a British citizen and therefore, ineligible to be nominated. Mr. Coltart was required to prove he was not a British citizen and was a Zimbabwean citizen. In […]

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Speech – Bulawayo Club

Mr Chairman, Gentlemen, When Bill Lewis asked me about a month ago to speak tonight I was delighted for two reasons. Firstly I looked forward to the opportunity of being able to speak to fellow members and friends. I’m afraid that that hope has been dashed somewhat because a few moments ago, the Chairman turned […]

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Report by David Coltart: A Brief History of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre

A Brief History of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre By David Coltart July 1994 The genesis of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre is found in the activities of two Zimbabwe law Students in the 1970s. Ian Donovan in the early 1970s was instrumental in setting up the Legal Aid Clinic at the then University of […]

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“Barbourfields Stadium must be named after Lookout Masuku no matter what”- commentator

Bulawayo News 24 By Stephen Jakes 16 January 2017 A political commentator and leader of the Zimbabwe Communist Party Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena has insisted that Barbourfields Stadium must be named after the late Zipra Commander Lookout Masuku following Bulawayo City Councillors’ reneging to do so as they opposed the change of historical names but only […]

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Government slams critics over new curriculum

Bulawayo 24 News 15 January 2017 THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says implementation of the new curriculum has been smooth so far with no challenges reported from schools, amid criticism from some individuals and teacher organisations that the process was rushed. Implementation of the curriculum started on Tuesday last week when schools opened […]

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The Struggle Continues by David Coltart — becoming Zimbabwe – a Financial Times Review

The Financial Times History Section By Michael Holman 13th January 2017 An insider’s account of Robert Mugabe’s regime is also a brave act of defiance What is it about southern Africa that creates so many moral heavyweights? It seems that adversity and repression in that part of the world stimulate rather than inhibit, and bring […]

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Sikhala relates on oppression of whites by Zimbabwean government

Bulawayo 24 News By Stephen Jakes 7 January 2017 MDC-T senior official Job Wiwa Sikhala has related on how the Zimbabwean government resorted to harassing and oppression white Zimbabweans leading most of them to leave the country resulting to the economic crisis currently rocking the nation. “The incident that made me feel pity for white […]

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Zimbabwe faces ‘a national health crisis’ as lack of drugs worsens spread of cholera and typhoid

IB Times 26 October 2016 An acute and growing shortage of medicines in Zimbabwe is aggravating the spread of deadly infections typhoid and cholera across the country, as the ailing economy worsens the nation’s failing public health system. Zimbabweans are still reeling from the economic and humanitarian crisis of 2008/2009 when more than 4,280 died […]

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Cephas Msipa: One of Zimbabwe’s greatest patriots

Financial Gazette By Senator David Coltart 20th October 2016 CEPHAS Msipa’s death this week has robbed Zimbabwe of one of her greatest statesmen and patriots. Although I first only got to meet him in 1994, he became a valued friend, a wise counsellor and an inspirational figure in my life. Although Msipa has captured the […]

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Why the allegations of sexual assault levelled against Donald Trump should concern us all

Senator David Coltart Blog 15th October 2016 In December 1983 the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace instructed me to record statements from hundreds of women victims of Gukurahundi at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Bulawayo. I record the event at page 151 of my book “The Struggle Continues : 50 years of tyranny in […]

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