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Speech – Bulawayo Club

Mr Chairman, Gentlemen, When Bill Lewis asked me about a month ago to speak tonight I was delighted for two reasons. Firstly I looked forward to the opportunity of being able to speak to fellow members and friends. I’m afraid that that hope has been dashed somewhat because a few moments ago, the Chairman turned […]

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Report by David Coltart: A Brief History of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre

A Brief History of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre By David Coltart July 1994 The genesis of the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre is found in the activities of two Zimbabwe law Students in the 1970s. Ian Donovan in the early 1970s was instrumental in setting up the Legal Aid Clinic at the then University of […]

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Dzamara Abduction Rekindles Sad Memories for Disappeared Patrick Nabanyama Family

VOA By Chris Gande July 30 2015 WASHINGTON DC— Patricia Nabanyama, the widow of Patrick Nabanyama, who disappeared more than 15 years ago after being allegedly kidnapped by suspected war veterans, says she is worried about the disappearance of activist, Itayi Dzamara. Dzamara has been missing for more than four months. Nabanyama said the alleged […]

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Will Mnangagwa be better or worse?

The Star July 27 2015 By Peta Thornycroft To many Zimbabweans, the answer to that question doesn’t really matter. They’re not looking for democracy, but economic relief, writes Peta Thornycroft. Johannesburg – There are so many mysteries about Emmerson Mnangagwa. And much curiosity about him as he is the front runner to succeed Robert Mugabe […]

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Top lawyer Joseph James mourned

Southern Eye By Fortune Mbele 2 July 2015 Prominent Bulawayo lawyer Joseph James’ death has shaken the sporting and legal community who described him as principled and professional. James (59), a former Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) chairperson, succumbed to cancer on Sunday. SRC director-general Charles Nhemachena led the tributes saying the sporting fraternity had […]

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Obituary: Joseph James’ larger than life character

Newsday By David Coltart 1 July 2015 I have been privileged to know Joseph James, or as we would affectionately call him, Jumbo, for over 30 years and am deeply saddened by his passing away on Sunday. When I first came across him as an opponent in court he had a considerable advantage over me, […]

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Controversial export of Elephants to China appears under way

National Geographic By Christina Russo 25 June 2015 A grim fate likely awaits young elephants plucked from Zimbabwe’s wild. Chinese crews in a Zimbabwe park are reportedly preparing young elephants and lions captured there for transport to China, triggering alarm among activists who fear that the animals are doomed to a life of suffering. Sources […]

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Is politics behind chaos at ZIFA?

Radio VOP By Sij Ncube 19 June 2015 Harare, June 18,2015 – Chaos is reigning supreme within the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), the country’s soccer controlling body, amid indications it is just a matter of time before the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) dissolved the embattled Cuthbert Dube executive, risking the country’s isolation from international […]

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Zimbabwe Prosecutor General ‘a danger to our girls’

News 24 19 June 2012 Zimbabweans have taken to Twitter to express their disgust after the country’s prosecutor general Johannes Tomana made comments that seemed to suggest that girls as young as 12-years-old should be allowed to have sex and get married. According to a state-owned newspaper, the Chronicle, Tomana said girls as young as […]

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Dokora fiddles while schools burn

The Zimbabwe Independent By Herbert Moyo June 5 2015 EVELINE Girls High, a former Group A school situated in the heart of Bulawayo has, among a host of challenges, is reeling from a serious shortage of learning resources while the teachers’ morale, like elsewhere, especially at government schools, is low due to poor remuneration. The […]

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